Joe, The Vampire Who Wasn’t

There’s quite a bit of evidence suggesting that in the original version of the video Joe was a vampire as well as Pete:

This is a photograph taken on the day Pete had a mold of his mouth made for the prosthetic fangs. Was Joe having a set made as well?

In the ‘making of’ special for the video, Joe is shown as being strait-jacketed by the police at the end of the brawl, but none of this footage is in the video itself. Overall, Joe is on-screen least of the four hunters — it’s possible that this is because the storyline for his character was dropped at the editing stage.

Pete and the other vampires can move in ways humans can’t, which is demonstrated during the scene in which Pete flies around the room with his bass. There are photos of Joe having harness rehearsal as well.

Why was the decision made to change things? Maybe to spotlight Pete more; to make his status as a vampire in the gang unique. Maybe there was just too much story to fit in the run time. Maybe we’ll never know — all the more reason they should release the 20 minute version.

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