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From the video:

Patrick’s journal:

Case #183(a)
We first see the unraveling. I’ve watched him… change. I’ve been able to keep him at peace with the blend I’ve created, but even that seems to be failing. He spends every waking hour plotting revenge against those who turned him, those who walk in the shadowed places forgotten by the sun. He hates all of them, but they live in fear of him.

From the making of the video:

“And the baddest group of them all, the Dandies, and they’re, like, the British-inflected. They wear derby hats and when they bite you or fight you or whatever they do, they do it with style and grace, and they roll about seventeen deep.” - Alan Ferguson.

From Steve’s Untitled Rock Show:

“We have enough footage to, kind of, do this twenty minute version that has dialogue and stuff, and we want to put it together. It’s on our list of things to do. A very long list, I guess.” - Pete Wentz.

From MTV News:

Fall Out Boy Promise An ‘Event’ Video For ‘Sixteen Candles’

Fall Out Boy have already tackled such hot-button issues as girl-on-boy (with antlers) love and prom-night existentialism in their music videos, so when it came time to decide on a treatment for their next clip, they chose to simplify things. Sort of.

“We’re about to do a video for ‘A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me,” ‘ and it’s going to be an ‘event’ video. It’s a total departure from our ‘Dance, Dance’ clip,” FOB bassist Pete Wentz told MTV News. “The song title references Molly Ringwald and Samantha Fox’s [1986] album Touch Me, and the song itself is kind of about that. It’s a make-out song, so the video’s going to be the same thing. But really cinematic too.”

OK then. Fall Out Boy actually started shooting the “Sixteen Candles” video Monday, taking over the back lot at Hollywood’s Paramount Studios for three days. And though Wentz swears the clip will be nothing like their “TRL”-topping “Dance, Dance,” it won’t be totally dissimilar. After all, FOB are working with the same director.

“Alan Ferguson will be directing this one, too, but it will be different,” Wentz said. “It’s a little bit darker than the things we’ve done before, but it’s also like a throwback to stuff we grew up with. We always want to go with videos that are exciting for everybody. It’s going to be something that you wouldn’t see on TV anymore.”

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