Sunglasses After Dark

Sunglasses After Dark (1990 novel)

Pete’s character in the Sixteen Candles video is, according to Wikipedia, partially based on a reluctant-vampire-slash-vampire-hunter named Sonja Blue, the protagonist of a series of novels by Nancy Collins. (Of course, with Wikipedia one can never be 100% certain of anything, so a more verifiable source would be appreciated for this bit of info, if you happen to have one.)

Your intrepid site creator wasn’t able to get her hands on a copy of Sunglasses After Dark, the first in the series, so here are a couple of excerpts from In The Blood, the second book, in which Sonja faces Morgan, the vampire who created her.


She was here. He sensed her presence in the house the way a spider monitors the strands of its web. How could he have slept, unaware, when first she walked these halls? How could he have been insensate to anything so exquisitely lethal?

At first he’d refused to believe she could be one of his by-blows. But now he knew it to be true. His hand had sown this dragon’s tooth. In a perverse way, he was proud of her. Even from a distance there was no mistaking her potential strength. She was a thing of fatal beauty, to be feared and admired, like an unsheathed samurai sword. To know that he had played a role in creating such a fearsome and deadly creature was flattering. Such a pity she must be destroyed.

Morgan rose from the ornately carved rosewood chair in his study and opened the antique chifforobe with the blacked-out mirror. If this was to be a formal confrontation, the least he could do was dress for the occasion.


“Cut the routine, dead boy! You know why I’m here.”

Morgan sighed and studied his fingernails. “I know! I know! You’re here to kill me. How tedious. Tell me child, what exactly would my demise prove?”

“That I’m not like you.”

“Indeed? If you are not like me, how have you survived these past few decades, little one? How have you kept yourself fed?”

“I-I have my ways.”

“Caches of bottled plasma, no doubt. But that is hardly enough, is it? You can’t lie to me, child. I know how bland prepackaged blood can be. Have you killed, my pet?”


“Answer me true, child.”


Morgan smiled a slow, sly smile. Sonja fought the urge to rip off his face.

Edit: Nancy A Collins herself has left a comment on this page. She says:

Comment from Nancy A. Collins
Time: August 4, 2009, 4:45 pm

I am the author of the Sonja Blue series. Everything you have said is true. Sonja Blue is a punk female vampire/vampire-slayer. Her first novel was Sunglasses After Dark (1989). The sequels are In The Blood (1991), Paint It Black (1995), A Dozen Black Roses (1997), Darkest Heart (2002), and Dead Roses For A Blue Lady (2002). There was also a 6-issue comic book published by Glenn Danzig’s Verotik Publications. I am currently planning to return to the character in a new book, after nearly a decade. Sunglasses After Dark won the Horror Writers Association’s Bran Stoker Award & the British Fantasy Society’s Icarus Award back in 1990.

And the original comment is below, as well. Nancy A Collins’ other vampire series, Vamps, features a ‘cameo’ by Decaydance band Cobra Starship, also — see here for more information!

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