Brian Ewing’s “Fearless Vampire Killers” poster

Here are images of a poster Brian Ewing did for a Fall Out Boy concert in 2006, and the lithograph later created of the poster design.

From the poster listing:

Just got the ok to put this up. Trying my hand with mirroring some of my artwork. I drew one side of the bats and holy water then flipped it. I tried to to draw both sides but the likelihood of me being able to match both sides up didn’t seem likely. So instead of working hard I worked smart…to misquote my friend Az Star 78. Anyways…it’s based off of FOB’s latest video for a song title I’m too lazy to type. The video was part Buffy part Thriller. I liked the idea of them being vampire hunters. The video itself was no Thriller. But I liked the general concept.

The text inside the skull’s mouth reads as so “WE’VE ALL BECOME GOD’S MADMEN” It’s a quote form Stoker’s Dracula. Pretty sneaky between the cheeky huh? My first attempt at drawing bats. I had shitty reference but I did my best.

Included is a detail of a few of the bats and the skull because most of the detail gets lost when it’s shrunk down for my site.

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