Books which mention the Sixteen Candles video

19 August, 2010 (19:14) | Uncategorized

I really am going to do a transcript of the commentary. Eventually. Possibly when time freezes and new hours are added to each day.

Until then, here’s a tiny update! Some books which mention the video which are available:

Don’t Hold Your Breath: Nothing New from Brian Ewing contains a full page print of The Fearless Vampire Killers poster, and includes Ewing’s explanation of the design.

A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls mentions the video in the essay Damon Salvatore: Vampire Hunter. Pete’s role is mentioned in a section about the history and pop cultural role of vampires who hunt other vampires. (I’m the author of the essay in question, but whatever, it still counts.)

Have I missed any? Let me know at!

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